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2018 ACS Awards Entry Information and T's & C's

Please take note that Terms & Conditions and Categories for the 2018 ACS State & Territory Awards for Cinematography have changed.

The 2018 ACS Award Entry window is open from August 1st (09:00) to August 24th (18:00) via our website. The Entry Form is only open at these times. No late entries will be accepted.

Entry Submission and Identification Requirements

You will receive your Unique Entry Number & Awards Entry Label via the awards dashboard upon completion of the online entry form. This will contain instructions on how to submit your entry. You will need to do this for every entry you make. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

FILE NAMING. Data file entries must be named correctly. The file name of your entry must adhere to the following naming convention. Note - do NOT put the name of the entrant in the file name:


Follow this naming convention EXACTLY


LABELLING. All physical entries must have the Awards entry label attached on the outside of media whether it be USB Flash Drive, portable Hard Drive or DVD/BD (this printable label is supplied with the confirmation email that the entrant will receive after submission of the online entry form).
Entrants may place multiple entries on USB drives or portable Hard Drives, though an online entry form must be submitted for EACH individual entry. Each entry file name must follow the naming protocol and USB drives or portable Hard Drives require a label listing EACH file on the drive/s.
If you submit a DVD/BD and it contains an episode of a Series, please be sure to list the episode number/name you are entering.
Entries will not be accepted without the entry number clearly visible on the outside of the media.
Physical entries must be received via mail, courier or hand delivery to the address listed on the entry form, by the due date and time. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Please wrap your physical media in bubble wrap then place them in a sealed envelope.


Entrants name

OR for episodes on DVD/BD


"Dale Johnson ACS"

NOTE: If the file name or labelling does not meet these requirements your entry may not get judged.

Entry Quality Requirements

Always submit the highest quality file and media for every entry so they can be judged accurately and winner’s work screened in the best possible form at the Awards.

Poor quality entries impede the ability to accurately judge the work, which may result in the disqualification of your entry, and if this is the case, entry fees are non-refundable.

The ACS reserves the right to reject entries with sub-standard quality.

Entry Format Requirements

Note that entry formats have changed and ProRes files are no longer an accepted entry format. This is due to the difficulty in managing and storing the vast amounts of data that they entail.

Entries will only be accepted in the following formats:

• Data files: h.264 (x264) codec at a data rate of 5000kbps (HD minimum) up to 15,000kbps, MP4 or MOV file container if possible, on USB Flash Drive or Portable Hard Drives

• Commercially produced DVD’s. PAL Standard. Australian Region. NO SELF- AUTHORED DISCS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

• Commercially produced BluRay Discs. Australian Region. NO SELF- AUTHORED DISCS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

• DCP may be accepted at some Branches. Check with your branch.

Preferred method of delivery of entries is on USB Flash Drive or Hard Drives or by FTP (FTP upload is State/Territory dependant - check their allowance)

Hard Drive entries are required to have a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connector. They can be a USB Flash drive or a portable hard drive with a USB cable. Other hard drive connection types are not acceptable.

Victorian and Tasmanian Members ONLY: All entries may be uploaded via FTP (10gb Max). Upload details will be provided upon submission of awards entry form.

16:9 monitors are used for judging and at the Awards screening. All entries should be submitted 16:9 full height anamorphic. 4:3 entries should be pillar boxed. 1.85 & 2.40 entries to be letterboxed.


2018 Awards full TERMS and CONDITIONS

1. Direct entry into the ACS National Awards is not possible. Gold Award Winners from each of the current State and Territory branch awards are the only entries eligible into the ACS National Awards. Branches will automatically enter State Gold Award winning entries into the National Awards and pay the entry fees.

2. An “entry” constitutes a single body of work. Each episode (or webisode) of a series is classed as a single entry. Only one episode (webisode) of a series per entrant from a particular production may be eligible for an award.

3. Poor quality entries impede the ability to accurately judge the work, which may result in the disqualification of your entry, and if this is the case, entry fees are non-refundable. The ACS reserves the right to reject entries of sub-standard quality.

4. Each entry may be submitted in only one category. Cut down versions of an entry may not be entered. Duplicated media entered in more than one category will not be accepted.

5. Each entry must be submitted separately using the online form. The ACS must receive full payment for all of the entries submitted. Payment is accepted only by Visa or Mastercard in Australian dollars.

6. Only Accredited, Cinematographer, Camera Crew, Student & CineKids members may enter. You must be a current financial member of the Society and have been totally responsible for the visual content and lighting of the entry. (CineKids may have had assistance or mentorship with their work.) You may only enter into the awards of the branch of which you are a member.

7. All entries must have been completed within 2 years of the current awards and must not have been previously entered into any other ACS awards. A variation on the time limit may possibly be granted in extenuating circumstances.

8. CineKids may enter only the CineKids Category and entrants must have been between 10 and 15 years old at the time of filming the entry. There are two age groups for CineKids entrants: (a) 10 - 12 Years and (b) 13 - 15 Years. Entrants must put their Date of Birth and date of filming the entry on the entry form. There can be a total of one Gold Award certificate and an Encouragement Award certificate awarded in both age groups. A maximum of 2 entries per CineKid is allowed.

9. Student Category entrants may only submit a maximum of two entries. You must state the name of your Film School, Cinematography Course or Secondary School that you were attending at the time of filming your entry in the ‘Relevant Information’ field on the online Entry form.

10. All entries containing computer generated images (CGI) or CGI manipulation must include a description of such CGI and a time code reference of where it occurs. You must also detail a description of the your role in the production of the CGI component. Judges reserve the right to reject an entry considered to be CGI manipulated without a written explanation in the online entry form.

11. Joint entries will not be accepted. If a project has more than one cinematographer, then only the cinematographer who has filmed a minimum of 70% of the project may enter it, i.e. the Principal Cinematographer. The cinematography of others and details of their involvement must be provided, clearly highlighting their work by stating the relevant time codes.
In Cat 2: Specialised & Experimental. Entrants may enter specialised sections if less than 70% of complete projects, e.g. underwater photography, aerial photography, etc.
In Cat 12: Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature. Entrants may enter specialised sections if less than 70% of complete projects where it may be just the “Polar Bear” segment for example. Any work not shot by the entrant should identified, preferably by watermarks, e.g. “Not Entrants”.
In Cat 17: Serial TV and Comedy Series. Entrants who have shot either ONLY the location or studio component may enter episodes provided they have shot 100% of EITHER the location OR studio component and state clearly which components those are. Their contribution to the episode should be at least 30% of the total screen time.

12. Each entry must be provided as a correctly named (see above), separate data file. An entrant can supply multiple data file entries on a USB drive or a portable hard drive. Other media may only contain one entry each. Entries will only be accepted on the formats listed in these Terms & Conditions.

13. Only commercially produced DVD/BD entries will be accepted due to the unreliable quality of “self authored” DVD/BD’s. It is however preferred that you provide a digital file (H264) if possible.

14. In the interests of anonymity, wherever possible an entrant’s name should not appear in the opening vision or on DVD/BD menus, excluding final production credits. The entrant's name must not appear in text or as a watermark on the media being viewed for judging. Do not put entrant's name in data file names.

15. At each of the State/Territory Awards, the adjudication panel consists of five Accredited ACS members (a minimum of two from interstate) who will follow the ACS Judging Guidelines. The panel may award a maximum of three Gold awards, two Silver awards and one Bronze award except in the Student Category where just one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze may be awarded. In the CineKids Category only a Gold Certificate or Encouragement Award certificate may be awarded per each age bracket. If no entry reaches a sufficiently high standard then the panel may withhold giving an award in any category, or may not give an award at each level. The decisions of the panel will be final and binding and no correspondence or discussion whatsoever will be entered into.

16. The adjudication panel may re-categorise any entry that it considers has been entered into the incorrect category. No fees will be refundable as a result of this action.

17. All entries, including the physical media, must be received by the host State or Territory’s deadline and late entries will not be considered for judging.


19. Entries will be held for collection for up to 3 months, after which time they will be discarded. You may request return of your entry at your expense. Please contact your Branch within 2 months of the Awards.

20. Copyright clearance, and all related permissions and clearances from the relevant Producer(s) to screen an entry are entirely the entrant’s responsibility. The Society accepts no responsibility for any copyright infringement.

21. DVD and BluRay discs can be heavily protected. Winning DVD or BluRay entrants may be requested to supply an excerpt of their entry on another format for screening at award ceremonies.

22. Entries will be only accepted on correctly and fully completed online entry forms, submitted in the approved formats that have followed the ACS naming conventions EXACTLY.

23. On each online entry form all entrants are required to declare:
All CGI work.
All cinematography by others.
That they have arranged all clearances and permissions.
That they are a current, financial ACS member.
To include full payment for all of their entries.
That they will submit their entries only in an approved format. (See next item)

Good Luck!

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