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Cine Gear Expo 2018 Technical Awards Winners!

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After reviewing and evaluating nearly one hundred of the newest technologies submitted and presented at this year’s Cine Gear Expo, our team of judges is pleased to recognize and honor these diverse recipients with this year’s Cine Gear Expo’s Technical Awards.

Camera Technology:

Panasonic for the AU-EVA1 Digital Camera
Inventor/Designer: Panasonic AU-EVA1 Design Team

Camera Technology: Optics


Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC for the Supreme Prime Lenses
Inventor/Designer: Christophe Casanaeve

Runner Up:

Infinity Photo-Optical Company for the InfiniProbe TS-160 ROBUSTO Lens
Inventor/Designer: H Jay Margolis

Camera Technology: Accessories

Winner: Tie between

Cmotion Gmbh. for the cPRO Lens Control System
Inventor/Designer: Christian Tschida

Ignite Digi for the Gimbal Mate
Inventor/Designer: Chris Fox

Runner Up:

DJI for the Master Wheels
Inventor/Designer: DJI R&D Team Design Team

Lighting Technology: Lights


DMG Lumiere by Rosco for the MIX Lumiere
Inventors/Designers: Nils de Montgrand & Nico Goerg

Runner Up: Tie among

Digital Sputnik for the Voyager
Inventors/Designers: Kaspar Kallas and Kaur Kallas

LiteGear Inc. for the LiteMat Spectrum
Inventors/Designers: Al DeMayo, Alex Vazquez, Lee Parker

Astera LED Technology for the Pixeltube Pro
Inventors/Designers: Simon Canins

Support Technology:

Winner: Tie between

Allgolden for the TYR Car Camera Crane
Inventors/Designers: Timo Plogstedt

Cinemoves Inc. for the Matrix 4 Axis Camera Gimbal
Inventors/Designers: Graham Basket, Gunnar Ristoph, Satyam Satyarthi

Runner Up:

XM2 Aerial for the XM2 Sierra Ultra Heavy Lift UAV
Inventors/Designers: Luke Annells, Aidan Kelly, Stephen Oh, James Mare, Jin Lee, Daniel Thomas, Aaron Corera, Rob Stagg, Brian Eun, Loic Maheas, Chris Haarhoff

Sound Technology:


Rode Microphones for the NT-SF1 360 Ambisonic Microphone Array
Inventor/Designer: Peter Freedman and Pieter Schillebeeckx

Judge’s Honorary Mention:

Post Production Technology
Flanders Scientific, Inc. for the XM310K 31” High Dynamic Range LCD Monitor
Inventor/Designer: Flanders Scientific, Inc.

Judge’s Honorary Mention:

Lighting Technology
Fiilex for the Fiilex Matrix II RGBW LED Lamp
Inventor/Designer: Fiilex

Judge’s Honorary Mention:

Camera Technology
Digital Triptic Cineramic Camera System
Inventor/Designer: Max Penner

We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who entered their fantastic new products in this year’s competition. Our tech awards team is looking forward to reviewing a new generation of remarkable awards submissions at next year’s Expo.

Cine Gear Expo would like to thank our 2018 Technical Awards Judges:

Peter Anderson, ASC, Awards Judge and Chairman

Dwight Campbell, Awards Judge

Gary Ushino, Awards Judge

Sarah Priestnall, Awards Judge

Harry Rez, Awards Judge

Erin Franklyn, Awards Judge

Mark Weingartner, ASC, Awards Judge

Dana Christiaansen, Awards Judge

Joe di Gennaro, Awards Judge

Ted Hayash, Awards Judge

Josh Pines, Awards Judge

Jeff Siljenberg, Awards Judge

Peter Santoro, Awards Judge Advisor

Karin Gumbinner, Awards Coordinator


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