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Congratulations to all our 2017 NSW & ACT Award Winners

2017 Annual Awards for Cinematography

CAT 1: CineKids

GOLD Certificate - U16: Darwin Schulze ~ Apple Pie
HIGHLY COMMENDED - U16: Aiden Emery ~ Regards
GOLD Certificate - U12: Bella Merlino ~ Dear Brother....

CAT 2: Student Cinematography

GOLD: Christian Loehr ~ Ironhead
SILVER: Emma Elias ~ Bring Me Back Ma
BRONZE: Bebi Zekirovski ~ Non White

CAT 3: Experimental & Specialised

GOLD: Maxim Drygin ~ Knox Grammar School - “With Me Now”
GOLD: Ben Allan ACS ~ Wild Squad Adventures
GOLD: Evan Papageorgiou ~ Endless Entertainment
SILVER: Jonathan Shaw ~ Blue
BRONZE: Susan Stitt ACS ~ Beat Nightmare

CAT 4: John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks / Promos

SILVER: Matthew Horrex ACS ~ Netflix
SILVER: Jason Wotherspoon ACS ~ Nitro - Night 1 Opener
BRONZE: Emilio Abbonizio ~ Wentworth 2017 Promo Campaign

CAT 5: Music Clips

GOLD: Miller Best ~ Anfa Rose - Baby
GOLD: Kieran Fowler ~ Fractures - Timeframe
SILVER: Kieran Fowler ~ Broadhurst - Bones
SILVER: Dale Bremner ~ Golden - Kingswood
BRONZE: Zoe White ~ Black Coffee - Come With Me

CAT 6: Syd Wood ACS Local / National News

GOLD: Tom Bannigan ~ Dark Park

CAT 7: Neil Davis International News

GOLD: Matthew Allard ACS ~ The Sword Master
GOLD: Benjamin Foley ~ Eliminating the Islamic State
SILVER: Matthew Allard ACS ~ Archi - Depot
SILVER: Benjamin Foley ~ Retaking Mosul - Liberators Not Welcome
BRONZE: Matthew Allard ACS ~ House of Light

CAT 8: Current Affairs

GOLD: Craig Hansen ~ A President’s Report Card
GOLD: Benjamin Foley ~ Afghanistan - Taliban at the Gates
GOLD: Louie Eroglu ACS ~ China Rising
SILVER: Gregory Barbera ACS ~ Murder Uncovered
SILVER: David May ~ The Real Utopia
BRONZE: Craig Hansen ~ Guilty until Proven Innocent

CAT 9: Entertainment & TV Magazine

GOLD: Ian Peterson ACS ~ Who Do You Think You Are
GOLD: Joshua Flavell ~ The House
GOLD: Andrew Buckley ~ Psychic Visions
SILVER: Andrew Buckley ~ Comfortably Numb
SILVER: Timothy Myers ~ One Hit Wonder
BRONZE: Justin Hanrahan ACS ~ Body Hack

CAT 10: Corporate & Educational

GOLD: Jordan Maddocks ~ Athlete Refugee Team - The Human Spirit
GOLD: Susan Stitt ACS ~ Monarch
GOLD: Dion Beebe ACS ASC ~ Burberry- Tale of Thomas Burberry
SILVER: Dale Bremner ~ Cave Hill
SILVER: Andrew Buckley ~ Odyssey
BRONZE: Ashleigh Carter ~ Virgin Racing

CAT 11: Documentaries

GOLD: Abraham Joffe ACS ~ Tales By Light: Life and Death
SILVER: Carolyn Constantine ACS ~ Madhattan
SILVER: Gregory Barbera ACS ~ Ice Wars
BRONZE: Timothy Myers ~ Fortress America

CAT 12. Ron Taylor AM ACS Wild Life & Nature

GOLD: Abraham Joffe ~ Tales by Light: Misunderstood Predators
GOLD: Abraham Joffe ~ Ghosts of the Arctic
GOLD: Marcus O’Brien ~ Vanity
BRONZE: Tom Bannigan ~ Ball’s Pyramid

CAT 13: Advertising - Local/Regional

GOLD: Tim Tregoning ~ Byron
GOLD: Tim Tregoning ~ Go Behind the Scenery
GOLD: Jordan Maddocks ~ Federation University
SILVER: Jordan Maddocks ~ GQ Jarrod Scott
SILVER: Casimir Dickson ~ Maurie and Eve

CAT 14: Advertising - National/International

GOLD: Alex Dufficy ~ Dark Avenger
GOLD: Ross Giardina ACS ~ Australian Defence Force
GOLD: Dion Beebe ACS ASC ~ Guinness: Hammond
SILVER: Dion Beebe ACS ASC ~ Victoria’s Secret- A Night at the Opera
SILVER: Danny Ruhlmann ACS ~ Honda Brand
BRONZE: Ross Giardina ACS~ AXA

CAT 15:Dramatised Documentaries

GOLD: Ross Giardina ACS ~ Real Destination
SILVER: Simon Morris ~ Deep Water: The Real Story

CAT 16:Short Films

GOLD: Simon Harding ~ ‘And Though The Music Ended, We Danced On Through the Night’
GOLD: Emilio Abbonizio ~ Third World Man
GOLD: Zoe White ~ The Passion II
SILVER: Zoe White ~ The Push
SILVER: Zachary Peel-McGregor ~ Last Tree Standing
BRONZE: Tim Tregoning ~ Buoy

CAT 17: Drama or Comedy Series & Telefeatures

GOLD Henry Pierce ACS ~ A Place To Call Home
GOLD Bruce Young ACS ~ Deep Water Ep 4
GOLD Bonnie Elliot ACS ~ Seven Types of Ambiguity High Life
BRONZE: Tania Lambert ~ High Life

CAT 18: Features – Cinema

GOLD: Dan Freene ACS ~ OtherLife
GOLD: Simon Duggan ACS ~ Hacksaw RIdge
GOLD: Martin McGrath ACS ~ Dance Academy - The Movie
SILVER: Viv Scanu ACS ~ Out of the Shadows
SILVER: Toby Oliver ACS ~ Get Out
BRONZE: Toby Oliver ACS ~ The Darkness


Ross Giardina ACS - Australian Defence Force

Life Members

John Seale AM ACS ASC
Russell Boyd ACS ASC
Dean Semler AM ACS ASC
Don McAlpine ACS ASC
Peter Hannan ACS BSC


David Brill AM ACS

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