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On The Apple Box: Colourboration - The Vital Relationship between DP and Colourist - May 21

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Date: 21 May 2016

As part of St Kilda Film Festival, ACS Vic is conducting an important discussion panel with visual demonstrations.

Join us for a special panel discussion and sample video grades that explores the vital importance of collaboration between the Cinematographer and the Colourist. We will discuss topics such as:

Forming the relationship in Pre-Production.
Keeping the communication open
Using visual tools
Getting the Look right and keeping it
Dailies and Rushes
Set Visits by the Colourist
Working with the Art Department
Quality Control
Maintaining Integrity of the Image
The DP's role in the Grading Suite
Why allow the DP in the grade anyway? Isn't their work done?
From Tests to Distribution - the long road

The panel includes extremely successful and experienced artists:
Colourist: Deidre McClelland
Colourist: Fergus Hally
DP: Philip M Cross ACS
DP: Jeremy Rouse

The audience is welcome to ask questions and contribute experiences. A Moderator will be present.

The St Kilda Film Festival Filmmaker Development program includes many valuable opportunities and ACS Victoria this year is providing two of them: "On The Apple Box: Colourboration" at 2pm, and "Shooting The Perfect Interview with Trent Butler ACS" at 11am. Come to both, then see some films.

Where: St Kilda Town Hall
When: 2pm - 3.30pm Saturday May 21st, 2016
Cost: FREE Entry to all

No RSVP required. First in, best dressed. Room capacity is only about 50.


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