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Anamorphic Masterclass with Peter James ACS ASC presented by ACS Victoria - May 14 & 15

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Date: 14 - 15 May 2016

The Victorian Branch of the Australian Cinematographers Society is very excited to announce it will be running a two day advanced Anamorphic Lenses Masterclass led by the extraordinarily talented Peter James ACS ASC on Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15, 2016 in Melbourne.

This highly sought after course is limited to only 20 successful applicants. It is part of ACS Victoria's Cinematography Intensives Masterclass and Workshop series.

About Peter James ACS ASC
Peter is internationally renowned for his beautiful cinematography and stills photography. AFI Award Winner and an inductee into our ACS Hall of Fame, Peter is possibly best known for his films Black Robe, Driving Miss Daisy, Paradise Road, Alive, Meet The Parents, 27 Dresses and Mao's Last Dancer to name only a few, and also his extensive career shooting high-end, award-winning commercials for cinema and television.
A prolific user of Anamorphic systems, Peter James ACS ASC is a true master of the craft and a passionate educator and sharer of his vast knowledge. Opportunities like this don't come along often.
Peter's full credits can be viewed below through the link.

About the ACS Victoria Cinematography Intensives Anamorphic Lenses Masterclass:

The two-day weekend course will be conducted both Interior and Exterior utilising Arri Alexa XT 4:3 cameras with a complement of equipment and lenses from Panavision including Anamorphic zooms and prime lenses as well as Spherical zooms and prime lenses for comparative purposes.
Participants will first learn about the history and application of anamorphic filming from its beginnings to the modern day and how the transition from film to full frame 4:3 digital cameras has effectively allowed a rebirth of anamorphic into contemporary film making. The interior part of the course will be held on a sound stage at Docklands Studios Melbourne.

Hands-on practical demonstrations will take place over the two days where we will explore perspective variation, lens length decisions, the effect of how different contrast, texture and lighting influence the shot. Spherical and anamorphic focus and distortion will be examined and explained.
Several scenarios will be shot by the participants, and the results later screened and appraised on large monitors and screens at Soundfirm in their state-of-the-art grading suite. The mystery of anamorphic will be demystified by Peter.

Armed with an educated knowledge from Peter's experience, participants will be able to complete the course more fully prepared to shoot anamorphic with a new found confidence and informed understanding of the system, equipment and lenses available. The application of this knowledge gives you the opportunity to shoot images that stand out professionally and scenes that are shot with a clear vision of the outcome.
Participants who complete the course will be presented with a signed ACS Certificate of Completion.

Application and Costs
This advanced course suits only those with a solid understanding of the principals of cinematography. Camera Operators and Camera Assistants are welcome to apply.
Acceptance to the course is by Application and a Submission of your experience level in cinematography by way of CV, Resume or Bio is required.

Contact ACS Victoria Events by email using the link below with Anamorphic Masterclass 2016 in the Subject Line if you wish to apply or have questions relating to your suitability.

Cost. Payable upon acceptance to secure your place:
Financial ACS Members: $400 ($440 inc GST)
Students (current ID required): $470 ($517 inc GST)
Non-Members: $550 ($605 inc GST)

Where: Docklands Studios. Port Melbourne location. Soundfirm Grading Suite.
When: Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15 2016

Disclaimer and Policy
The Australian Cinematographers Society (VIC) reserves the right to cancel any course for any reason at any time. If a course is cancelled, participants will receive a full refund of any fees paid.
Participants may withdraw from the course for a forfeiture of 50% of the fee. In exceptional circumstances, ACS may exercise its option to refund on compassionate grounds.
Your place on this course is NOT TRANSFERABLE to anyone else without prior approval by ACS Victoria.

ACS Victoria Masterclasses and Workshops are conducted under the same codes and practices that apply to all Australian workplaces. We want this to be an educational and enjoyable experience for all involved. ACS Victoria will not tolerate discrimination, abuse, unacceptable behaviour or harassment. Participants must not be under the effect of drugs or alcohol at any time during the course hours. Standard No Smoking policies apply. After fair warning, ACS Victoria reserves the right to dismiss participants without refund if they fail to comply with these expectations. In regards to safety, consider the working environment and come dressed accordingly, keeping in mind changing weather and potential hazards. Well-fitting, secure, closed footwear must be worn at all times. If any situation seems unsafe make the ACS coordinator aware immediately.


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