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SMPTE 2015 Workshops

The Society will once again have an ACS booth within the SMPTE Hall, which has proven very successful and popular in the past, and the "INFORMATION & TECHNICAL SESSIONS" we provide are also well attended.


SMPTE can only be successful for the Society because of the enormous input from the NSW Branch, who look after the ACS Booth and the handling of merchandise sales, membership applications and general enquiries, on each and every day of SMPTE. My thanks to them for this generous support.

SMPTE Wednesday 15 July

09:30 ACS Workshop: Underwater Optics & 3D
Pawel Achtel (Achtel Pty Ltd, Australia) Australian Cinematographers Society, Australia

There is more to filming underwater than keeping the camera dry. Traditionally, we placed perfectly good terrestrial lenses behind flat and dome ports hoping for good results underwater. However, how does it affect image quality? We are going to explore and compare various options when it comes to underwater ports and optics exploring some of the challenges we face when trying to match the quality of underwater images with those we can achieve on land. Expect the unexpected...

14:00 ACS Workshop: The very latest Drone applications
Australian Cinematographers Society, Australia.

Tasmanian based Ignite Digi Co owners Tom Waugh (Operator) and Chris Fox (Pilot) will present a look at the changes in drone technology, specifically for cinematography.

How the stabilisers have advanced and are now capable of carrying Red Epics and Alexa Mini kits. Flying from 8mm to 85mm lenses for full creative freedom. What sort of story telling and shot possibilities has this technology opened up, that were previously very difficult or expensive to achieve?

The crossover of technologies, MoVI and similar stabilisers originally designed for drones now used handheld, on a jib, on a car mount, anywhere you want a remote head. We will also discuss the teamwork involved for the two person operation (Pilot and camera operator) and how best to work with the Director and Cinematographer on a film set to achieve the shots efficiently.

After the Q&A session Ignite Digi will fly their Alexa Mini setup in the Drone zone outside the SMPTE pavilion.

15:45 ACS Panel Session: Television Drama
Australian Cinematographers Society, Australia.

An expert panel led by Moderator, Renee Brack and including cinematographers, Simon Chapman ACS (Nowhere Boys, Glitch), Martin McGrath ACS (Rake, Jack Irish, The Fatal Shore), Louis Irving ACS ( Love My Way, Packed to the Rafters, The Doctor Blake Mysteries), and Directors, Adrian Wills (Redfern Now) and Ian Watson (Janet King, Anzac Girls), explore and discuss the collaborative spirit, development, popularity and technical achievements that continue to drive Television Drama here at home and internationally.


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