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There was overwhelmingly positive feedback for Deluxe, and how wonderful it was that the partnership was truly collaborative and strong enough for Deluxe to support the ACS venture at Cine Gear 2014.


CINE GEAR EXPO @ Paramount – Main Street

Early in June 2014, ACS National Vice President, Ernie Clark ACS and National Secretary, David Wakeley ACS travelled to Los Angeles to represent the ACS at the 2014 Cine Gear Expo. This would not have been possible without the generous support of Deluxe Australia.

The purpose of the ACS attending Cine Gear, and having it’s own stand, was to provide encouragement for our many LA based members, and to make the international cinematography industry more aware of the high standing of the innovative, multi genre approach of The Australian Cinematographers Society. Furthermore, it afforded us the opportunity to sell ACS merchandise in the form of T-shirts, Caps, Jackets and our own book The Shadowcatchers: a History of Cinematography in Australia, along with networking opportunities and membership possibilities.

Jasmine Lord, David Wakeley ACS & Ernie Clark ACS at the ACS - Deluxe booth

All this to gain increased awareness of the ACS as a brand and as an International Society, along with our Cine Gear partner Deluxe.

Cine Gear, with over 70 Sponsors & Partners and around 300 Exhibitors, is a cinematographers heaven, with so many stands, so many toys on display, so many companies represented. With so much information and extensive knowledge to be gained, you come out of it like an excited kid, just as the 12,000 plus other attendees at Cine Gear 2014.

The Cine Gear Expo is held on the New York City streets lot and inside a few of the many stages at the iconic (and enormous) Paramount Studios lot in Los Angeles. It seemed like there was a plethora of different camera support systems based on the original Easy Rig. Heaps of LED and other new lighting, including impressive Plasma Lights. Small HD cameras, big HD cameras and everything between, and a range of lenses that would make a Hollywood starlet swoon. Also represented were local and international branches of our own ACS Australian sponsors, ARRI, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Fuji and many more recognisable names.

Of great appeal to student and experienced cinematographers alike, are the concurrent free seminars, and special subscription Premier seminars held on the day after Cine Gear closes. The free seminars cover a wide range of interests including: Post production, Camera development, Motion control, Camera companies showing their latest Digital developments, Documentary cinematographers discussing their trade, Colourists discussions with leading cinematographers, Visual effects and much more.

Panel discussions with Cinematography Greats

Main Street @ Paramount Studios – Cine Gear 2014

Of special interest are the panel discussions with cinematography greats, including Daniel Pearl ASC, Francesco Varese ASC, Michael Goi ASC, Bill Bennett ASC, Christopher Chomyn ASC, Paul Maibaum ASC & Cynthia Pucheck ASC. Also scattered through the seminars are names like ASC President, Richard Crudo ASC, past President Daryn Okada ASC, Stephen Poster ASC.... And the list goes on.

Special Events, in case you had some spare time on your hands included: The Award Reception, The Cine Gear Expo 2014 Cinematography Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Mr. Adam Greenberg, ASC in recognition of the significant contributions he has made to advancing the art and craft of Cinematography.

Technical Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Mr. Andres Valles and Mr. Alfredo Valles, in recognition of the significant contributions Servicevision has made to advancing the art and craft of film making.

A Film Competition Awards Ceremony, along with a special 4k “Samsara” Screening sponsored by Band Pro and an Exclusive Sony Electronics 4K Screening of “A Million Ways to Die In The West”

Sunday Lighting Seminar.

We were fortunate enough to attend the Sunday lighting seminar, with studio facilities generously provided by Mole Richardson, at their about to be demolished old address.

Over 70 eager student and younger cinematographers were treated to wonderful stories and lighting tips from three cinematography greats: Chris Chomyn ASC, Adam Greenberg ASC & Roy Wagner ASC.

Cinematographer, Adam Greenberg ASC hosts a lighting workshop

The legendary Roy H. Wagner ASC explaining the “tricks of the trade”.

The legendary ASC Clubhouse

National President, Ron Johanson’s close connection with the executive of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), enabled Ernie and David considerable networking contacts with the high profile members of the ASC, culminating in several invitations to the historical, recently renovated ASC Clubhouse in downtown Hollywood.

Peter Moss ACS ASC summed it all up perfectly:

Toby Oliver ACS, Peter Moss ACS ASC & Peter Borosh ACS at the ACS Cine Gear booth.

“It was such a pleasure to have old friends from the ACS over here in L.A. for the 2014 Cine Gear Expo. We had fun manning the booth and some social diversions too – great! Until David Wakeley ACS and Ernie Clark ACS told me, I hadn’t realized the huge contribution that Deluxe had made to make the trip possible. I work regularly with Deluxe and associated companies (Efilm, Co.3) here in the US, and they have a close relationship with the ASC. Thank you Deluxe.”


One of the reasons to attend Cine Gear, was to determine if the ACS,
as a volunteer organisation, had the capacity to host a similar event in Australia in the coming years. Sadly we have determined that an event of the size of Cine Gear is beyond our current level of expertise, and underwriting capacity. We will however consider attending the next BSC Expo to see if it is more in line with our thinking.
Overall the Cine Gear experience was a resounding success, enabling the Society to reach a large number of international industry colleagues in
a very short space of time. The partnering with Deluxe provided added benefits, by achieving a “balance” and demonstrating our desire to collaborate with all areas of our industry, enabling positive outcomes for the greater good.
My sincere thanks to Cine Gear’s, Juliane Grosso for her invitation to us to attend in the first place, to our ACS LA based members who contributed greatly to the success of this venture, and in particular to Ernie Clark ACS and David Wakeley ACS for their total dedication to the concept, along with their hard work and positive energies that proved once again that the ACS punches well above it’s weight.

Ron Johanson OAM ACS National President


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