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47th Annual VIC / TAS Awards for Cinematography

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2013 Annual Awards for Cinematography

CAT 1: Student Cinematography

Gold: Filip Laureys for Melbourne HDR Time-laps
Bronze: Filip Laureys for Victoria in HDR
Bronze: Thom Neal for Miasmata

CAT 2: Experimental & Specialised

Silver: Pawel Achtel for Sea of Love 3D
Bronze: Adam Huddlestone for Toyota FJ Cruiser - 'One Way In, One Way Out'

CAT 3: John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks / Promos

Gold: Cameron Barnett for Victoria's Secret CBS 2012
Silver: Paul Cananzi for Days Like This
Bronze: Wayne McPherson for Logies Red Carpet Opener

CAT 4: Music Clips

Gold: Charlie Sarroff for The Peep Tempel - "Dark Beach"
Gold: Keir Suggett for Jinja Safari "Plagiarist"
Silver: Edward Goldner for Imperial Teen - "No Matter What You Say"
Silver: Josh McKie for Ben Wright Smith -"Livin' The Good Life"
Silver: Edward Goldner for Samantha Jade - "Fire Starter"
Bronze: Edward Goldner for Karnivool - "We Are"
Bronze: Warwick Field for The Paper Kites - "St Clarity"
Bronze: David Rusanow for Snakadaktal - "Hung on Tight"

CAT 5: News - Local / Regional

Gold: Peter Curtis ACS for Old Business
Silver: Mark Leslie Nichols for Hobart Fire Package
Bronze: Mark Steven for Mt Buller Slalom

CAT 6: Neil Davis International News

Gold: Matt Jasper for Question for Kim Jong Un
Gold: Matt Jasper for Deep South Teachers
Bronze: Matt Jasper for Dead in the Deep South

CAT 7: Current Affairs

Gold: Mark Dobbin for Restoring Rangoon
Gold: Mark Dobbin for Where the Wild Coffee Grows
Silver: Trent Butler ACS for An Unholy Conspiracy
Bronze: Ruwan Paul De Silva for Activism - Senator Bob Brown
Bronze: Simon Winter for Tasmania Firestorm: Survival

CAT 8: TV Magazine, Lifestyle & Reality

Gold: Peter Curtis ACS for Olive May
Gold: Wayne McPherson for Tour de Crawf
Bronze: Beau Molloy for Future Cities - 'Vancouver'
Bronze: Trent Butler ACS for Sumo on the Steppes

CAT 9: Corporate & Educational

Gold: Vlad Bunyevich for Penfolds Ampoule
Gold: Greg Parish ACS for Tower Melbourne
Gold: John Wheeler ACS for Australia Post -'Casino'
Silver: Ruwan Paul De Silva for OUA - Philip
Silver: Matthew Chang for The Open Film Series with Andre Agassi 'Open Love'
Bronze: Paul Cananzi for Humpty Dumpty Foundation
Bronze: Con Filippidis for NEHTA
Bronze: Jerome Pelletier for The Gawler Foundation

CAT 10: Web & New Media

Gold: Joe Shemesh for Tasmania - "Don't Change A Thing'
Gold: Matt Wood for AM Eyewhere - 'Black Forest'
Silver: Matthew Chuang for Onitsuka Tiger - 'Dirt Off Your Shoulders'
Silver: Richard Kickbush for 'Django Unchained" - Worldwide Competition - Australian Entry
Bronze: Cassie De Colling for Waking Up Perisher

CAT 11. Documentaries, Cinema & TV

Gold: Warwick Field for The Earth Wins
Silver: Anthony Connors for Australian Ballet at 50
Bronze: Aaron Hollett for Foreign Correspondent ' '23 Little Lives'
Bronze: Simon Wearne for Australiens Mississippi

CAT 12: Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife / Nature

Gold: Mark Lamble ACS for Reptilian Battleground
Silver: Peter Mark Nearhos ACS for The Real Dingo

CAT 13: Virtual Cinematography

No Entries

CAT 14: Commercials - Local / Regional

Gold: Matthew Chuang for Kubota Grand X - 'Sheer Tractoring Pleasure'
Bronze: John Wheeler ACS for Fort Knox
Bronze: Andrew Quaile for Football Federation of Tasmania - 'Our Beautiful Game'
Bronze: Mark Morris for The Space Between

CAT 15: Commercials - National / International

Gold: Jeremy Rouse for Bulleit - 'Anti Established'
Gold: Giovanni C. Lorusso for Nutrigrain - 'Fuel On'
Silver: Jeremy Rouse for Navy ' 'Lead The Way'
Bronze: Simon Ozolins ACS for FORD 'Many Lives, One Territory'
Bronze: Simon Ozolins ACS for Lamb Council of Australia - 'Collamboration'
Bronze: Jeremy Rouse for Quit - 'Last Dance'

CAT 16: Dramatised Documentaries

Silver: Jaems Grant ACS for Australia on Trial - 'The Eureka 13'

CAT 17: Fictional Drama Shorts

Gold: Jeremy Rouse for Blood Pulls A Gun
Gold: Matt Wood for First Contact
Silver: Ryan Alexander Lloyd for Strange Tourist
Silver: Matthew Chuang for Mathilda
Bronze: Ryan Alexander Lloyd for Wide Eyed

CAT 18: Telefeatures, TV Drama & Mini Series

Gold: Adam Arkapaw for Top Of The Lake - Episode 1
Silver: Craig Barden ACS for Wentworth - Episode 5
Silver: Darrell Martin for Mr and Mrs Murder - Episode 5
Bronze: Jaems Grant ACS for The Time of Our Lives - Episode 10
Bronze: Craig Barden ACS for Wentworth - Episode 1

CAT 19: Features Cinema

Gold: Greig Fraser ACS for Zero Dark Thirty
Gold: Stefan Duscio for Galore
Gold: Valeriu Campan for A Guerra de Beatriz
Silver: Greig Fraser ACS for Killing Them Softly


Best Of Crew:

Sunny Wilding, 1st Assistant Camera

Judges Choice Best Entry:

Valeriu Campan for 'A Guerra de Beatriz'

Honorary Membership:

Stanley Lopuszanski (Colourist)


Simon Ozolins ACS

Sponsors Plaques

Platinium Sponsor:

Gear Head

Gold Sponsor:

Freelancers Promotions
Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance
Picture People
The George Revival Cinema
Southern Cross Television

Silver Sponsor:

Murray Tregonning & Associates Pty Ltd
Screen Tasmania


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