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Cinematography Masterclass in Alice Springs

Friday March 8, 2013

The Film and Television Association of the Northern Territory (FATANT) and the Australian Cinematography Society (ACS) present a one-day masterclass with renown cinematographer Pieter de Vries in Alice Springs on March 8.

About the class

The story-telling aspect of filmmaking has a key role throughout the masterclass.

Regardless of whether you shoot with a conventional camcorder or an HD DSLR, shooting-for-the-edit can often play second fiddle to the stunning image quality of digital video cameras.

These sometimes overlooked aspects of filmmaking form the essence of this one-day workshop.

Cinematographer and qualified trainer Pieter de Vries ACS has extensive knowledge about shooting-for-the-edit, and he will pass on the knack of how to get a mix of shots that will make your edit a pleasure, not a salvage job.

You will additionally learn how to take advantage of naturally occurring lighting conditions and use them to enhance your story.

He will pass on to you a wealth of techniques and story ideas gleaned from years of shooting award-winning international productions in more than seventy five countries.

Darwin Workshop Review

Last year about 30 people attended a similar workshop held by Pieter de Vries in Darwin. ABC Open's Will Tinapple wrote a review of what he learned:

Apparently, it's all in the way you tell it. Whilst attending a cinematography workshop recently, I noticed that telling a story sequence with a camera seemed to have a lot in common with the structure of jokes. And I got a whole bunch of filming tips

About Pieter de Vries

Pieter is one of Australia's most well-known cinematographers and has photographed many acclaimed television series and documentaries spanning more than 75 countries.

He has received international recognition for his documentary and drama cinematography along with numerous awards.

Pieter also has an indepth knowledge of a wide range of equipment, having shot productions in all formats, from 16mm to the latest in digital SLRs.

In 2011, Pieter conducted a series of Australia-wide seminars for Canon specifically aimed at photographers wishing to make the transition to video cinematography.

Visit his website:

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