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President's Blog - June 2013

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From the President

Greeting ACS colleagues,

The 2013 National Awards were a resounding success thanks to the outstanding efforts of the ACT Branch, particularly Georgina Jenkins, Robb Shaw Velzen, Pearl Lee, Paul Simpson & Che Baker, who did a truly awesome job hosting the 2013 National Awards for Cinematography.

Thanks must also go to the NSW Branch, David & Marianne Wakeley, David & Margaret Lewis, Ted & Anne Rayment and the National Awards judges who spent many hours deliberating over some truly fantastic work. Thanks also to Marc Van Agten and the fantastic team at Fujinon - Fujifilm along with all our National sponsors whose overwhelming support of the Society is greatly appreciated, support we can never repay in full.

The evening also gave us the opportunity to welcome the NFSA CEO, Michael Loebenstein and all those from the NFSA who were instrumental in the Awards program of events over the 3 days.

Apart from an audience of the finest cinematographers from around the country, we also had joining us the General Manager of SPAA; Matthew Deaner, David & Penelope George from the Economic Development Directorate of the ACT Government, Don & Jeanette McAlpine, ACS Historian Ron Windon ACS, Past President; Ted Rayment ACS and his wife Ann, Geoffrey Burton ACS, Calvin & Geri Gardiner, our Hall of Fame and Life Member inductees, renowned cinematographer Geoff Boyle from the UK to host a series of ACS Workshops, among a host of other guests.

There were so many highlights starting with the HOF inductees, Mike Molloy ACS BSC, whose family were there to share the occasion, Peter Donnelly ACS, who spoke so eloquently, sometimes even in Latin, about his early days and working with Neil Davis and David Brill. Peter Hannan ACS BSC who could not be with us but sent a message from London and the gracious Jan Wasley who accepted on behalf of her husband Les, who couldn’t be with us, and of course presented to the recipients by our ACS Historian and legend, Ron Windon ACS.

Nino Martinetti ACS and Peter Curtis ACS were both made Life Members and spoke of the honour and pride they have in being acknowledged by the Society. Who can forget David Brill speaking about Neil Davis, the beautiful Valerie Taylor presenting the Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature category, Daniel Ardilley for simply making it to the stage and Geoff Burton ACS and Don McAlpine announcing and presenting awards. The link pin that held it all together was Ray Martin, whose respect for the cinematographer, along with Ray’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm is respected by us all. Thank you Ray, and to whomever gave Ray a lift to the hotel after the bus left without him…thank you.

Warmest congratulations to all the recipients, for the outstanding work that we saw at the Awards presentation. To our Milli winner, our Australian Cinematographer of the Year; Jonathan (Jo) Rossiter ACS, true recognition for his work in the short film – animation genre with the wonderfully crafted “Sleight of Hand”. Simply beautiful imagery and a testament to not only Jo, but also the Anifex team.

Jo Rossiter observed:
"I am truly humbled and shocked to have been awarded this truly prestigious honour! In fact gobsmacked. It has been quite surreal to say the least this last week. It's a battle of wits with yourself - one part says to you that " you are not worthy" - the other part says, "the Force is strong with this One!" (The second quote is from Star Wars ,The Empire StrikesBack).

The influence that "Star Wars - A New Hope" (Episode 4, the first instalment from 1977) was quite profound for a twelve year old. I knew from that day onwards passionately that that was going to be the job that I would work towards. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is! In fact the night of the awards was 38 years TO THE DAY that Star Wars was first released.

A very happy coincidence!

I can't thank the judges or our wonderful
society enough"
Jo Rossiter ACS

Milli Award Pin

Incidentally, Jo was also the first Milli recipient to receive a Milli pin as another memento of his achievement. It’s my intention to send one to every Milli winner who is still with us, or contact me and I’ll send one to you.

Until next time,

Ron Johanson ACS
National President

ACS Awards Winners Announced.

A proud winner Jo Rossiter poses with his swager and Don McAlpine ACS ASC


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