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2013 Award Entry Terms & Conditions

Entry Screen Ratio Requirements

16:9 monitors are used for judging and at the Awards screening. All entries should be submitted 16:9 full height anamorphic. 4:3 entries should be pillar boxed. 1.85 & 2.40 entries to be letterboxed.

Entry Quality Requirements

It is imperative that entrants submit the highest quality file or media for every entry so they can be judged accurately and winner's work screened in the best possible form at the Awards. The ACS reserves the right to reject entries with sub-standard images.

Entry Format Requirements

Note tape formats are not accepted in 2013

Entries will only be accepted on the following formats:

• Commercially produced DVDs (no self authored DVDs accepted)
• BluRay Disc
• Data files: h.264, ProRes QT and Avid DNx only.

For more information re entry formats refer item #25

Data files may be submitted on USB drives including memory sticks, thumb drives or hard drives. For those entrants who are offshore, or who are unable to supply physical entries they may submit their entries via their State FTP Dropbox (file size less than 500MB only). Any file submitted via FTP must be h.264 codec only. Please submit the highest quality file / dub / media for every entry so they can be judged accurately and winners' work screened in the best possible form at the Awards.

2013 Awards Terms & Conditions

1. No direct entries are allowed into the National Awards. Gold Award Winners from each of the current State and Territory branch awards are the only entries eligible for the ACS National Awards. Branches will automatically enter State Gold Award winning entries into the National Awards and pay the entry fees.

2. An "entry" constitutes a single entry. Each episode of a series is classed as a single entry.

3. An entry may only be submitted in only one category.

4. Each entry must be submitted separately online. The ACS must receive full payment for all of the entries submitted. Payment by EFT, Visa, cash, cheque or money order (made out to the relevant ACS State Branch), in Australian dollars only.

5. Only Accredited, Full, Active & Student members may enter and they must be current financial members of the Society and have been totally responsible for the visual content and lighting of the entry.

6. Entrants can only submit entries into the State & Territory branch awards of which they are a member.

7. All entries must have been completed within 2 years of the current awards and must not have been previously entered into any other ACS awards.

8. Student Category entrants must have been a recognized film industry student at the time of filming their entry. They may only submit a maximum of two entries. They must state the Film School they attend(ed) in the ‘Relevant Information’ field on the online Entry form.

9. All entries containing computer generated images (CGI) or CGI manipulation must include a description of such CGI and a time code reference of where it occurs and/or a description of the entrant’s role in said CGI work. Judges reserve the right to invalidate an entry considered CGI manipulated without a written explanation in the online Entry form.

10. No joint entries will be accepted. If more than one cinematographer films an entry, then each cinematographer will have to enter separately, clearly highlighting their work by stating the relevant time codes. The work of other cinematographers and details of their involvement must be provided and clearly identified.

11. Each entry must be provided as a properly named, separate data file. An entrant can supply multiple data file entries on USB or hard drive. Other media may only contain one entry each. Entries will only be accepted on the formats listed in these Terms & Conditions, item #25.

12. Only commercially produced DVD entries will be accepted due to the poor quality of “self authored” DVDs.

13. In the interests of anonymity, wherever possible an entrant’s name should not appear in the opening vision or on DVD menus, excluding final production credits.

14. At each State Awards, adjudication panels consist of five Accredited ACS members (a minimum of two from interstate) who will follow the ACS Judging Guidelines. These panels may award a maximum of three of each of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards or withhold giving an award in any category if no entry reaches a sufficiently high standard. The decisions of the panels will be final and binding and no correspondence or discussion whatsoever will be entered into.

15. The adjudication panel may re-categorise any entry, which it considers to have been entered incorrectly. Where possible, the judging panel Chair will contact the entrant, giving the entrant the opportunity to accept the change or withdraw the entry. No fees will be refundable as a result of this action.

16. The News Directors Award will be judged in each state by a panel of News Directors, or senior representatives, from as many networks/stations in that state as is practicable. As this Award is for the best Australian news story, not for cinematography alone, State Gold winners will compete for a National gold plaque and will not be eligible for a Golden Tripod or the Milli Award.

17. All entries must be received by the host State’s deadline and late entries may not be considered for judging.

18. Virtual Cinematography entrants must state their involvement in the production E.G. DOP Camera & DOP Lighting. State Gold winners will compete for a Golden plaque and therefore not be eligible for the Milli Award.


20. Other than State GOLD winners, entries will be held for collection for up to 3 months, after which time they will be discarded. If an entrant is at a distant location and an address is provided, entries may be returned by post. The Society will pay return freight only. The ACS will return State and Territory GOLD winners after the National Awards to the host States for collection.

21. Copyright clearance, and all related permissions and clearances from the relevant Producer(s) to screen an entry are entirely the entrant’s responsibility. The Society accepts no responsibility for any copyright infringement.

22. BluRay discs can be heavily protected. Winning BluRay entrants may be requested to supply an excerpt of their entry on another format for screening at award ceremonies.

23. Entries will be only accepted on correctly and fully completed online entry forms, submitted on approved formats that have followed the correct naming conventions and/or are correctly labeled. See item #25.

24. On each online entry form all entrants are required to:
Nominate all CGI work.
Nominate all cinematography by others.
Have arranged all clearances and permissions.
They must be current, financial ACS member.
Include full payment for all of their entries.
Submit their entries only on an approved format. (See next item)

25. Approved Entry Formats:

Note tape formats are not accepted in 2013.

Entries will only be accepted on the following formats:

• Commercially produced DVDs (no self authored DVDs),
• BluRay Disc
• Data files

Data files are the preferred method of entry, and must adhere to the following guidelines in order to preserve image quality benchmarks, or they may be disqualified from judging:

h.264: Quicktime files with a data rate of 5000kbps or greater
ProRes Quicktime files.
Avid DNx files in online resolution (ie 50mbps or higher).

Data file entries must strictly adhere to the following naming convention:

Physical entries may include DVD’s or BluRay discs, or in the case of data entries, USB drives and Hard Drives. For entrants who are offshore, or who are unable to supply physical entries they may enter via FTP via their State Awards Dropbox (files less than 500MB only). Any file submitted via FTP must be h.264 codec only. A link to the FTP site will be sent to you in your confirmation email.

Entrants may place multiple entries on USB or Hard Drives, though an online entry form must be submitted for each individual entry. Each file must follow the naming protocol and USB or Hard Drives requires a separate label for each file on the drive.

Please remember 16:9 monitors are used for judging.
All entries to be submitted 16:9 full height Anamorphic.
4:3 entries should be pillar boxed.
1.85 & 2.40 entries to be letterboxed.

NSW members note:

It is possible to bring your data files to ACS HQ and download your entries. Contact HQ Manager David Lewis ACS to arrange a convenient time.

Entry #'s & Labels

Please note:

Your unique personal entry number and entry label information will be forward to you in your entry confirmation email. It is extremely difficult and time wasting for our volunteers to try to match poorly named data entries to the hundreds of online entry forms we receive.

All entry types (except h.264 files uploaded to the dropbox via FTP - under 500mb file size only) must have an entry label attached and be received via mail, courier or hand delivery to the address listed on the entry form, by the due date and time. Late entries will not be accepted.

Good Luck!

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