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ACS Accreditation

ACS Accreditation is considered the highest honour that can be bestowed on an ACS member.

If you are consistently winning ACS Gold awards at the State & National level then maybe you could consider submitting for Accreditation. You will have to been a Full, financial member, for at least the last three years.

On the 28th and 29th of August 2015, 14 Accreditation submissions were assessed with 10 gaining Accreditation.

The next Accreditation assessments will take place at our National HQ in the second half of the year in 2016 and all submissions must be received by your local branch before July 31 2016.

The Accreditation Panel may grant Accreditation to an ACS member whose overall standard is considered exceptional. The standard of cinematography needs to be of a consistently high standard, or is outstanding in a specialised field. Applicants have had to be a Full Member of the Society for a minimum of three years.

Full members should apply to the Accreditation Committee, through their State or Territory Branch President, and submit a comprehensive cross section of their work for assessment. We ask for only the best of the best of your work for the panel's consideration. If you have doubt about a particular piece of work then maybe it shouldn’t be entered.

The Accreditation Committee will consist of ten Accredited members (from as many States and genres as possible) and consideration is given to composition, operating, camera movement, exposure and the standard of lighting - both interior and exterior. Consideration will also be given to the cinematic approach in relation to content.

The work submitted must demonstrate more than just professional competence. Creativity, consistency and aesthetic innovation will be some of the qualities looked for by the panel.

We also ask applicants to provide a brief (300 to 400 word) history of their career as a cinematographer.

Accreditation by the Society is deemed an honour and an Accredited Cinematographer shall have the right to use the letters ACS after his or her name whilst full financial membership is maintained.

Every successful Accredited member will be presented with a certificate bearing their name and an Accreditation number along with an ACS Accreditation pin. The certificate always remains the property of the Society. Should the Accredited member become un-financial and their membership lapse, the certificate must be returned to the National Executive and the person may no longer use the ACS suffix after their name.

An Accreditation Application fee of $250 inc GST is to be paid with an entrants submission.

In the event of a member failing to gain Accreditation they may reapply again after a period of 12 months, but within 2 years, without having to repay the application fee. If unsuccessful after this second submission it will be necessary to submit a new application and a revised submission along with another application fee.

For a copy of the latest Accreditation Application form please contact your local State or Territory Branch President or the National President via the link below.

Applications may only submit after July 1 and your application, including all of your entry files, must be received by your local branch by the CoB July 31.

If your'e considering applying for Accreditation, please be aware that should you be successful and receive your letters, it comes with a certain degree of responsibility and commitment. The Society expects your involvement in things like Awards judging, Accreditation assessments, participating as a member of your Branch committee or being involved Nationally on the Executive or on a sub committee.

The Society is only as good as it's members, and by gaining your letters which is indeed a privilege and the highest honour the Society can bestow on you, does in turn mean the Society anticipates that you will be an ACTIVE contributor in order to continue the growth of the Society.

We ask you consider this before you apply for Accreditation.

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Accreditation Submission Guidelines

24 Jul 2015

ACS Accredited Member List


Use of ACS letters

Only Full financial, Accredited members of the ACS may use the letters ACS after their surname. The letters will be one space after the surname, in capitals, without full stops or spaces between the letters, e.g. David Lewis ACS

Should the Accredited member hold an OAM, etc. then this would precede the ACS letters, e.g. Ron Johanson OAM ACS

Or, if the Accredited member be also accredited in another country then the first accreditation received should appear first, e.g. Dean Semler ACS ASC

Just being a member does not allow a member to use the letters after their name but the ACS does allow financial members to acknowledge they are members of the society in their CV's, etc. For example: Julie Citizen - I am an active (or full, or student, etc.) member of the Victorian branch of the ACS.

Intending to apply for ACS Accreditation?

If you intend to apply for ACS Accreditation, please review the following.

1. I am a current financial member of the Australian Cinematographers Society. Members with fees in arrears may not apply.

2. I have been a Full member for the last 3 years.

3. I will contact my State Branch in sufficient time to obtain assessment of the suitability of my submission prior to the material being sent to the National ACS Accreditation Panel by the deadline.

3. I will be able to submit all material within the specified dates for submission, currently being July 1st to July 31st and understand material will NOT be accepted after this date. My material is of high quality and will meet the media requirements.

4. I will include all required documentation and signed forms with my submission.

5. I will include payment with my submission.

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