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The ACS caters for many different levels of industry involvement. Active, Associate, Full and Student are the most common levels of membership. If you wish to join please click on the "Join the ACS link" on the right hand side of this page.

Or, if you wish to join as an ACS CineKid, click the link below for the special ACS CineKids application form.

If you need further assistance regarding filling out your membership application or which category you fit, please contact the President in your State via the Contact Us link on the right side of this page.


To gain Accreditation a Full Member, of at least three years standing, must submit a representational body of their work to an accreditation sub-committee for appraisal. This specially convened group makes assessments on the standard of lighting, composition, operating and camera movement. Consideration is also given to the cinematic approach in relation to the script and subject matter. This body of work must show more than just professional competence, it must clearly demonstrate creativity and aesthetic innovation.

The Accreditation assessors will require a broad cross section of a member's current work. Entire works only may be submitted. Showreels will not be accepted, nor will selectively edited examples of work. The quality of work will be judged on international standards and the assessors will be looking at all technical aspects of the work submitted, and in particular the ability to light. They will also be watching out for what might be described as the `soul', that difficult to describe element which distinguishes the cinematographer's work from just run of the mill craftsmanship.

To receive Accreditation is the highest honour, and it is the intention of the Society to ensure that any cinematographer so honoured, and thus entitled to use the letters ACS after their name, will be capable of performing work of an international standard.

The use of the ACS letters after a person's name is exclusively reserved for those who have received an Accredited membership.

Eligible Full Members wishing to apply for ACS Accreditation should contact their Branch President.

Responsibility and Commitment of Accredited Members.

If you're considering applying for Accreditation, please be aware that should you be successful and receive your letters, it comes with a certain degree of responsibility and commitment. The Society expects your involvement in things like Awards Judging, Accreditation Assessments, participating as a member of your Branch committee or being involved Nationally on the Executive or on a sub committee.

The Society is only as good as its members, and by gaining your letters which is indeed a privilege and the highest honour the Society can bestow on you, does in turn mean the Society anticipates that you will be an ACTIVE contributor in order to continue the growth of the Society.

We ask you consider this before you apply for Accreditation.

Use the link below for full details about Accreditation


A Full Member is a person who is and has been active as a professional cinematographer in the motion picture or television industry for a period of at least five years and is over the age of twenty-one.


An Active Member is a person who is a cinematographer but does not meet the qualifications of full member including (but not limited to) camera operators, focus pullers, clapper loaders, data wranglers.


A Life Member is a full, active or retired member who, due to long and distinguished service to the Society, has been recommended and nominated by an ACS Committee, and then approved at a National General Meeting. A Life Member is not liable for membership fees.


An Associate Member is a person or sponsor who has or can be invited by an ACS Committee to join the Society.

They could also be involved in other Industry fields such as; Lighting, Grips, Make Up, Production Dept. Post Production, Music, Art Department etc.


A Student Member is a person who is either:
Undertaking a course, recognised by the National Executive in film and television production techniques, or
Gaining work experience with an industry company, or
A Secondary student aged 16 years and older who is actively engaged and has a keen interest in cinematography.
When a CineKid turns 16 they may be upgraded to a student member.


A CineKids Member is a young person between 10 - 15 years, who has a passion for cameras and filmmaking. This new membership category has been created to encourage and foster interested kids up to the age of 15 years to participate and take an active hands on approach to Cinematography.

When a CineKid turns 16 they may be upgraded to a student member. CineKids may be divided into 2 age groups: 10-12 & 13-15years.

ACS CineKids will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate, membership card, note pad and pen, access to our eNews both National & State, and various screenings and workshops, along with mentoring from our ACS cinematographers.

There is a special ACS CineKids Membership Application form available via this link.


An Honorary Member is a person upon whom honorary membership has been bestowed at the discretion of an ACS committee. An Honorary Member is not liable for joining or membership fees.


A Retired Member is a member of seven years' standing or more who has been a full or active member and due to age or illness has retired from active participation in cinematography and is no longer employed in any capacity. Approved Retired Members are not liable for membership fees.

Membership Fees

The annual membership fees & joining fees for 2016-2017 are listed below. They are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Accredited: $240.00
Full: $180.00 + $60.00 Joining Fee = $240
Active: $150.00 + $60.00 Joining Fee = $210
Associate: $125.00 + $60.00 Joining Fee = $185
Student: $80.00 - No joining fee.
CineKids: $25.00 - No joining fee.

Note: No joining fee for Accredited members as Accreditation can only be gained by full members of three years standing applying for accreditation as outlined in the Accreditation section above. Application for Accreditation is $250 inc GST.

The membership year aligns with the financial year 1 July ~ 30 June.

If you join late, i.e. after December 31st, a pro rata reduction of the membership fee may apply, please discuss this with your branch.

Special Dispensation

If a member of any category is undergoing financial hardship they can apply to have their relevant fee downgraded until their financial position changes. Members are therefore able to retain all of their membership benefits.

Each case is dealt with on an individual basis and must be approved by the National Executive.

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