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Australian Cinematographer is Asia-Pacific's leading cinematography magazine.

Australian Cinematographer Magazine blazes a trail into film's future without neglecting the occasional glance in the rear vision mirror. A publication that ordains cinematography's heroes in print, brings the industry's characters to life in colour, and captures the essence of what it means to be a cinematographer in the modern world. Australian Cinematographer Magazine; the most essential thing in your kit.

Out Now - ISSUE 71 - September 2016

What's in this Issue?

Knock Out - With Australian Cinematographer Michael Steel behind the camera, a young boxer is forced to go on the run through the teeming streets of Manila in Beast, after accidentally killing his opponent in a crooked fight.

Splash Back - Melbourne, 1996, the Golden Age of Australian swimming is beginning. Based on a book by award-winning novelist Christos Tsiolkas (The Slap) and adapted for television, Barracuda - lensed by Stefan Duscio (Galore, the Mule, Backtrack) - is a moving story of identity, obsession, desire, the dizzy heights of success and the terrifying risk of failure.

Sleeping Beauty - Milli Award-winning Director of Photography Andrew Commis ACS (Beautiful Kate, The Rocket, The Daughter) sits down with Australian Cinematographer at the recent Melbourne International Film Festival to talk about his critically acclaimed new film Girl Asleep.

Defying Gravity - Star Trek Beyond, the next instalment in the globally popular franchise created by Gene Roddenberry returns with Director Justin Lin ( The Fast and the Furious franchise) and Australian Cinematographer Stephen Windon ACS ASC at the helm.

Dutch Courage - Director of Photography Peter Holland ACS discusses the challenges of shooting crime thriller StartUp based around illegal funding, a Haitian-gang and the FBI.

Out of Body Experience - In a near-future world, where individuals have their memories downloaded for backup, a man awakes in a strange body that is not his own. Melbourne based cinematographer Hugh Turral shoots the science-fiction drama Restoration for the Nine Network.

And much more...

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