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Australian Cinematographer Magazine

The Quarterly Journal of the Australian Cinematographers Society

Australian Cinematographer is Asia-Pacific's leading cinematography magazine.

Australian Cinematographer Magazine blazes a trail into film's future without neglecting the occasional glance in the rear vision mirror. A publication that ordains cinematography's heroes in print, brings the industry's characters to life in colour, and captures the essence of what it means to be a cinematographer in the modern world. Australian Cinematographer Magazine; the most essential thing in your kit.

Out Now - ISSUE 69 - March 2016

What's in this Issue?

An Island Mystery - Cinematographer Ari Wegner sits down with Dante Pragier to share her experiences with television, Tasmania and to explore the mystery of 'The Kettering Incident' - by Dante Pragier

Family Secret - Director Simon Stones debut feature film 'The Daughter', lensed by Andrew Commis ACS, is a skilfully crafted offering that stays with audiences well after the lights have come on and the popcorn is being swept in the cinema - by Garth Cecil

Molly's Melodrama - Darrell Martin, Camera Operator on the Seven Network's 'Molly' sits down with the show's Director of Photography Craig Barden ACS to dicuss a career that has culminated on the immensely popular television series watched by over 2.6 million Australians in 2016 - interview by Darrell Martin

The Camera Never Lies - Take a fascinating technical journey following camera tests with the great Don McAlpine ACS ASC, resulting in some though-provoking outcomes - by Sasha Hadden

Walking Through Time - Aussie DOP Ross Emery ACS shines with 'Woman in Gold' starring Helen Mirren - by Meredith Emmanuel and Harry Stranger

And much more...

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