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Founded by Canadian gaffer, Frieder Hochheim, in 1987, Kino Flo Lighting has maintained its roots as lighting tool maker by craftspeople for craftspeople. The company is pioneering a new generation of LED lighting products including the industry’s first camera look-up tables capable of producing a photo color rendering index (PCRI) match to cinema camera spectral sensitivity curves, plus a suite of upgradable white light, color and special effects controls via Kino’s proprietary True Match® firmware. Like the great European art masters of old, cinematographers can select and mix their own LED “pigments” to control the look of their image. Gaffers and set lighting technicians enjoy a growing collection of premium softlight “brushes”, like the new FreeStyle LED Tubes, to paint spaces and faces with white light, color and effects. Kino Flo has been expanding its line of LED production lighting, moving beyond its legacy fixtures with new FreeStyle LED portable systems, innovating new designs for the Celeb LED family of studio fixtures and adding options for video lighting with Diva-Lite LED’s. For more than 30 years Kino Flo has worked alongside imagemakers to make soft, controllable softlights for location and studio. The Burbank, California based company recently expanded its headquarters with a new shipping, technical service and inventory facility to better serve the rising tide of cinema, television and video production around the world

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