Woven Threads ~ Michi Marosszeky - Creator, Director, Designer

Woven Threads is an animation documentary series celebrating moments of hope in a persons journey, the first series we have produced is called Stories from Afar and focuses on the refugee experience. With the growing number of displaced people in the world, it seemed an appropriate time to tell the stories of people who have fled their countries in the hope of a safer life.

Here is the link to ABC iVIEW » - There is currently a whole episode playing on ABC iVIEW as its about soccer and aligns with the World Cup and World Refuge Day.

By sharing these with our audience, we highlight our common humanity—regardless of creed or colour we are all part of the same human family—and illustrate that we all seek – and love a safe place to call home.

Michi Marosszeky - Creator, Director, Designer
Paul Sullivan - Producer

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