Australian Screen Industry Group (ASIG) including John Seale, Lizz Vernon and David Lewis from the ACS went to Canberra to lobby and attend a special event for the Screen Industry:

The Australian Screen Industry Group made up of the various Australian guilds and organisations comes together as needed to discuss issues relating to our Industry. Ron and I attend these meetings, at times with David Wakeley and David Lewis depending on availability, usually held at the ACS HQ, as representatives of the ACS where Ron also acts as co-convenor with Kingston Anderson from the ADG.

The latest joint effort of the ASIG has been to return to Canberra to continue discussions with Politicians and key players about making and continuing to make Australian Content and the need to make sure in the long run the Industry that we work in continues.

The Current delegation from the ACS included David Lewis ACS, John Seale ACS ASC, Miguel Gallagher and myself with Ron Johanson ACS and Roger Lanser ACS unable to attend though lending their support from the sidelines.

The feeling on the night was one of genuine interest with all participants making an effort to mix, mingle and discuss issues such as obligation for VoD services to invest in local content, Quotas on commercial television, Tax offsets and Funding for the ABC, SBS and Screen Australia. I have already had a follow up email from one Politician and I know the impact of our message is beginning to take traction.

The Guilds will continue to work together with the interests of the Australian Film Industry uppermost on our agenda.

Please take a read through the article from the ABC and if you have any issues you would like discussed at any future meetings let Ron know.

Lizz Vernon
On behalf of the ACS ASIG Delegation to Canberra

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