How bad is gender inequality in the global filmindustry? It is much worse than you think.

The Kinomatics team have been examining our Showtime Dataset to identify how films directed by women are distributed across the globe.

We found that around 15% of new release feature films are directed by women (alone or in teams of women only). But as a percentage of all theatrical screenings, films directed by women come in at less than 3% across the globe. This disparity, between the percentage of films directed by women and the percentage of screenings those films receive is true across all the countries we analysed to varying degrees (see the tables below for a detailed breakdown). This confirms what we have been told anecdotally by industry members. That opportunities for women to secure like-for-like projects and to therefore gain equitable exposure for their work is seriously constrained.

The data also shows us how influential director gender is in this regard. When men share opportunities with women the data surge from the appalling low base of 3% for women-only films to just over 8% for films directed by women and mixed teams of women and men.

We can read this information in conjunction with data prepared by Vejune Zemaityte for her PhD thesis which focuses on the domination of US films throughout the global exhibition sector.

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