Creative / Director & DOP Allan Hardy invites us to take a look BTS @ Parkway Drive Music Video 'The Void'


Following the release of their single ‘The Void’, Parkway Drive went onto score #1 on the ARIA Album Charts with their new album ‘Reverence’. The music video currently has over 3.5million views.


- The longest, most dynamic and intricately timed motion control robot move ever created.

~ 4 weeks of pre-production,
~ 1 week of set building,
~ 3 days of robot programming,
~ 2 days of shooting,
~ 5 weeks of post-production
...and close to 500 composited VFX layers.

Shot entirely on motion control robot and all timed to music to produce a single, clean, uninterrupted, 4k "shot”.

Behind the scenes - VIDEO PRODUCTION

Parkway Drive "The Void" - Behind The Scenes from The Dreamers on Vimeo.


  • We had to engineer a one-off computerised audio trigger to speak to the robot system, this gave us the ability to keyframe the entire robot move to match the music and performance to within a millisecond. This gave us the ability to use the robot and it’s moves as our edit points, constantly working to the beat of the song.
  • As we had multiple video layers and duplicates of the talent in many scenes, we had to be very careful with light adjustments and moving light sources. For this reason, you will notice some scenes had fairly static lighting setups while others had energetic moving spotlights and flashing overhead lights.
  • The entire 6x6m set build, stunt sequences and pyrotechnics were built and customised to suit the motion control robot and it’s limitations. Every single take was treated as a live stunt, even just the performance takes, as the high speed and long move of the robot created such a high risk environment for the talent.
Full MUSIC VIDEO: The Void - Parkway Drive
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