ACCREDITATION REMINDER ~~ Accreditation submissions open September 1 and close September 30

The next Accreditation assessments will take place in October 2018 and all submissions must be received by your local Branch between September 1st September 30th
2018. so if you are contemplating applying please contact your Branch President or National President asap.

Considering Applying?

If you are consistently winning ACS Gold awards at the State & National level then maybe you could consider submitting for Accreditation. An applicant must have been a Cinematographer Member of the Society for at least the last three years and remained financial throughout.

If you are currently a CAMERA CREW member and now qualify for CINEMATOGRAPHER level membership, be sure to change your membership category level immediately by contacting your Branch.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you monitor your membership status.

ACS Accreditation is considered the highest honour that is bestowed on an ACS member.

~ If you only shoot Features then three examples should suffice.

~ If you work in various areas then say one Feature followed by your other work, say, a Documentary, a few Music Clips and say a few Commercials.

~ If your background is only Documentaries, then a few examples, say 4 - 6.

~ If you shoot Commercials only, then you should present at least 12 finished commercials, or if you only shoot Music Clips then 8 - 10 clips, or if you shot both Music Clips & TVC's then say 3 or 4 clips and say 8 Commercials. Please note: showreel montages are not accepted.

~ If your background is factual television acquisition - News, News Magazine, Current Affairs, etc, the committee look for your ability to tell the story, your creative use of light, whether it be artificial or the light available to you in the situation. Successful applicants in this area have shown an uncanny ability to use the surroundings available to them, both in light and composition for a creative result. In these genres probably 6 - 8 examples should suffice.

~ The overall recommendation is: "less is more". Don't put in everything you have ever shot. Put in what you have been most happiest with. Only enter the BEST OF YOUR BEST work. If you have doubt about piece then you probably should not enter it.

~ The work submitted needs to demonstrate more than just professional competence. Creativity and aesthetic innovation are some of the qualities sought by the panellists.

~ Accreditation judging occurs only once a year, normally prior to the AGM, which is usually held in September. Accreditation submissions from financial, full members, will be accepted between July 1 and July 31.

There are plenty of details regarding applying for Accreditation on the ACS website. Click on the link below to check out Accreditation Application Protocol.

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