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Congratulations to all the awards winners for the 51st ACS Victorian and Tasmanian Awards for Cinematography 2017

There were no entries in Category 6, 7 or 15.

1. CineKids
2017 Sam Winspear-Schillings VIC Gold Award
Southbank To Balmoral Sam Winspear-Schillings VIC Encouragement Award

2. Student Cinematography
Sharps Alanna Raif VIC SILVER

3. Experimental & Specialised
Laghi Di Colore Joy Carnebianca VIC SILVER
Awake In My Dream Talon Clemow TAS BRONZE

4. John Bowring ACS Station Breaks & Promos
Main Event 'Mundine V's Greene' Brad Francis VIC GOLD
Fox Sports 'We are League' James Brown ACS VIC SILVER
MTV 'Kill Boring' James Brown ACS VIC BRONZE

5. Music Videos
Life Is Better Blonde 'Fires' Charlie Sarroff VIC GOLD
Anita Lester 'Man' Matt Wood VIC SILVER
Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel 'The Clock At The Back Of The Cage' Chris Bennett VIC SILVER
Money Maker 'Throttle' Michael Wylam VIC BRONZE

8. Current Affairs
Four Corners 'Highway to Hell' Aaron Hollett VIC GOLD
Foreign Correspondent 'Estonia ' Ron Ekkel VIC SILVER
Saving China's Pandas Trent Butler ACS TAS BRONZE

9. Entertainment & TV Magazine
My Ocean Home Talon Clemow TAS GOLD
TedX 'Collective Consciousness' Giovanni Lorusso VIC SILVER
Toowoomba Tony Connors VIC SILVER
Back Roads 'Cygnet' Ron Ekkel VIC BRONZE

10. Corporate & Educational
Macq01 Hotel 'Stories Behind The Stories, Episode 3' Joshua Lamont TAS GOLD
International Solidarity Games 'Purity' Aaron Farrugia VIC SILVER
Grossi Florentino Josh Mitchell-Frey VIC SILVER
Golden Age Aaron Farrugia VIC BRONZE

11. Documentaries
The Poachers Pipeline Craig Pennington TAS GOLD
Murder Calls 'Kelly Hodge Murder' Matt Koopmans ACS VIC SILVER
The Dark Side Craig Pennington TAS SILVER
Waterwall Jacob Williams VIC BRONZE

12. Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature
Leafy Sea Dragon Pawel Achtel ACS TAS GOLD
Winter Seas Peter Corbett VIC SILVER

13. Advertising - Local / Regional
Cancer Institute NSW 'Your Time in the Sun' Simon Ozolins ACS VIC GOLD
The Story of Grain Peter Corbett VIC GOLD
Matticulous Giovanni Lorusso VIC SILVER
Reconnect The Disconnected Joshua Lamont TAS SILVER
Thanks for Making it Betta Joshua Lamont TAS BRONZE

14. Advertising - National / International
Spark 'Fathers Day' Jeremy Rouse ACS VIC GOLD
Cabots 'Pinocchio' Matt Wood VIC GOLD
Principal 'Graduation' Jeremy Rouse ACS VIC GOLD
Brown Brothers Aaron Farrugia VIC SILVER
Principal 'Jar' Jeremy Rouse ACS VIC SILVER
Lipton 'Bauble' Jeremy Rouse ACS VIC BRONZE

16. Short Films
2:00 AM Mark Kenfield VIC GOLD
Blue Games Josh Farmelo VIC GOLD
My Darling Alex Roderick Th'ng VIC GOLD
Emporium Brad Francis VIC SILVER
Mechano Sky Davies VIC SILVER
The Sound of Love Mark Kenfield VIC BRONZE

17. Drama or Comedy Series & Telefeatures
Top of the Lake - 'China Girl, Episode 4' Germain McMicking VIC GOLD
Wentworth 'Series 5, Episode 12' Kathy Chambers VIC GOLD
Ex-Pm 'Series 2, Episode 7' Jaems Grant ACS VIC BRONZE

18. Features - Cinema
Lion Greig Fraser ACS ASC VIC GOLD
2:22 David Eggby ACS VIC GOLD
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Greig Fraser ACS ASC VIC GOLD
Jungle Stefan Duscio VIC SILVER
The Berlin Syndrome Germain McMicking VIC SILVER
The Space Between Katie Milwright ACS VIC BRONZE

Judges' Choice Award: "Lion" Greig Fraser ACS ASC

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