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Vale Melbourne Filmmaker Cris Jones

It is with much sadness that today we learnt of the passing of Melbourne director Cris Jones.

Cris was a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. His short films, The Heisenberg Principle, Excursion and The Funk have won critical acclaim, and have been recognised with over 60 national and international awards.

Cris' debut feature film, The Death and Life of Otto Bloom, opened the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2016. László Baranyai ACS HSC, the cinematographer on Otto Bloom, has said;

‘First time directors often have a very negative experience of the process, but Cris said that it was the best of time of his life to work with the cast and crew.'

‘He was young and bright and brave - The kind of artist who keenly listens to his crew and cast, who is not just full of his own ideas.'

‘We understand that whatever we shoot it is going to be moved around in the editing room. But when I saw the cut, it was a shock for me. Everything was word for word what it was in the script, and in this day and age that is really rare, at least in my experience.'

‘He had a simple and economic way of thinking about his script which was also personal - one thing I loved about Cris is that he was not hiding his personality. He did his own stuff and even if he was influenced by other people it never came through in his work.'

‘That is only a small part of him. He was a brilliant and bright young person who really found his way into being a filmmaker. That makes it even more painful for me because he was on the way to doing fantastic stuff, special and unique.'

‘We lost a lot. We don’t even know how much, but we lost a lot - a beautiful person, a beautiful talent, a beautiful friend.'

Our thoughts are with Cris' family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time.

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