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Message from the President
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Earle Dresner ACS chooses ARRI Mini
On set with Mary Poppins - Eirini drops us a postcard from London

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Postcard from Geoffrey Ellis - New Zealand
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Message from the President

Greetings colleagues and friends.

Stand by to embrace the adjectives!!

What a fantastic evening on Saturday at the ACS National Awards. It was a great end to what was a wonderful week with the ROSCO “Get together and drinks", the CW SONDEROPTIC Leica Thalia lens Q&A and then on Friday the Open Day at the HQ and the stunning “Captured Moments” photo exhibition which was well attended and received by all.

Truly a memorable week, and all credit to the NSW Branch led from the front by David Lewis ACS, David Wakeley ACS and Marianne Wakeley. Of course the entire NSW committee really stepped up with enormous enthusiasm, along with serious commitment that made the whole week a stunning success. This dedicated group were still working away at 1.00am wrapping the room and clearing up...

There were numerous highlights on the Saturday including the AFTRS hosted Meet the Nominees, moderated by Kim Batterham ACS during the day, followed in the evening with the Awards presentation at the Strangers Dining Room, NSW Parliament House where around 240 guests gathered to celebrate the work of the best of the best.

Who can forget the ARRI Australia steadicam end gag at the Awards presentation, which reminded all attending to head to The Rabbit Hole Bar for the ARRI sponsored after awards party. It certainly was a great way to complete what was an enjoyable evening in the first place. Thanks Brett Smith, Sean Dooley and the gang at ARRI Australia, and don’t worry Spider, you were perfectly behaved.

As they say in the Parliament “Ring the Bells” and let the Awards begin….

And the Winners Are:

2017 46th National ACS Awards for Cinematography


Gold Plaque: Byron D'arcy (QLD) ~ Instinct

Student Cinematography

Gold Tripod: Ben Cotgrove (QLD) ~ Little Kingdom

Experimental & Specialised

Gold Tripod: Dave May (NSW) ~ Closed Sydney 'Lockouts Timelapse'
Award of Distinction: Piers Mussared (SA) ~ The Unseen House

Music Videos

Gold Tripod: Jordan Maddocks (NSW) ~ Nervo - People Grinnin
Award of Distinction: James L Brown ACS (VIC) ~ Taku - Median

Syd Wood ACS Local & National News

Gold Tripod: Lennon Cooper (SA) ~ Horse Riding Triathlete
Award of Distinction: Stephen Cavenagh ACS (NT) ~ Prison Education

Neil Davis International News

Gold Tripod: Joel Lawrence (QLD) ~ Fault Lines
Award of Distinction: Cameron Bauer (QLD) ~ Life in Longyearbyen

Current Affairs

Gold Tripod: Louie Eroglu ACS (NSW) ~ State of Fear
Award of Distinction: Aaron Hollett (VIC) ~ Yemen - The War on Children

John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks & Promos

Gold Tripod : Drew English (NSW) ~ Holt
Award of Distinction: Adam Howden ACS (VIC) ~ Fidget and Foil

Entertainment & TV Magazine

Gold Tripod: Beau Molloy (TAS) - On the Road - Ethiopia
Award of Distinction: Benjamin Hanson (NSW) - River Cottage Australia S4E1

Corporate & Educational

Gold Tripod: Benjamin Shirley ACS (NSW) ~ 3 Capes
Award of Distinction: Germain McMicking (VIC) - Taco Bell - The Routine Republic

Web Content & New Media

Gold Tripod: Emma Paine (NSW) ~ We Will
Award of Distinction: Ross Giardina ACS (NSW) ~ BPM - Elegant Hedonism


Gold Tripod: Abraham Joffe (NSW) ~ Tales By Light - Darren Jew: Submerged
Award of Distinction: Dan Jackson (VIC) ~ In The Shadow of the Hill

Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature

Gold Tripod: Richard Fitzpatrick ACS (QLD) ~ Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough
Award of Distinction: Abraham Joffe (NSW) ~ Tales By Light - Art Wolfe: Wild

Advertising - Local & Regional

Gold Tripod: Matthew Toll (NSW) ~ Outback Tourism
Award of Distinction: Sherwin Akbarzadeh (VIC) ~ The Weekly Times

Advertising - National/International

Gold Tripod: Ross Giardina ACS (NSW) ~ David Jones
Award of Distinction: Ross Giardina ACS (NSW) ~ Samsung

Dramatised Documentaries

Award of Distinction: Jason Thomas (WA) ~ Who Flew FIrst
Short Films
Gold Tripod: Jason Hargreaves ACS (QLD) ~ Wandering Soul
Award of Distinction: Brad Francis (QLD) ~ Found

Drama or Comedy Series & Telefeatures

Gold Tripod: Bruce Young (NSW) ~ The Secret River
Award of Distinction: Geoffrey Hall ACS (SA) ~ Wolf Creek Ep4

Features ~ Cinema

Gold Tripod: Stefan Duscio (VIC) ~ Backtrack
Award of Distinction: Andrew Commis ACS (NSW) ~ The Daughter

Bob Miller - ACS Technical & Innovation Achievement Award

Paul Nichola

The Drew Llewelyn ACS Camerimage Scholarship

Meg White

The ACS - John Leake OAM ACS Award

Mark Kenfield

The Hall of Fame

Mandy Walker ACS ASC
Steve Windon ACS ASC

Life Membership

David Burr ACS

Milli Award - Australian Cinematographer of the Year

Milli: Abraham Joffe (NSW) Tales By Light - Darren Jew: Submerged

Until next time

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President

Photo Credit: David Wakeley ACS

David and Marianne Wakeley have been regular visitors to see Ron Windon, who has been ill for some time but is showing considerable resilience with a very alert mind keeping him going. This week DW and Marianne delivered some photographs from the National Awards. The one above shows Marianne and our beloved Ron Windon with a picture of RJ and Steve Windon accepting his Hall of Fame certificate. Wonderful memories I’m certain for Ron Windon and for all of us. Marina Bay Sands »

2017 Lemac NAB Review Events

We've been busy in the cutting room and are excited to once more showcase all the highlights, innovations and announcements of this years NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Join us for a beer and a chat as we recap all that was the 'M.E.T. (Media Entertainment Technology) Effect' at NAB Show 2017.

This is a free event however registration is essential, so please follow the links below to reserve your place.


When: Tue 16th May, 2017 / 6:30pm
Where: Lemac Melbourne
2 Griffiths St,

For more info or to RSVP: RSVP for MELBOURNE Event

SYDNEY - ACS “Drop In"
When: Thurs 18th May, 2017 / 6:00pm
Where: ACS HQ
Level 2, 26 Ridge St,
North Sydney

For more info or to RSVP: RSVP for SYDNEY Event

When: Thurs 25th May, 2017 / 6:30pm
Where: Lemac Brisbane
37 Brookes Street,
Bowen Hills

For more info or to RSVP: RSVP for BRISBANE Event


Can you please send through a photograph or two of yourself at work behind or near the camera, but clearly visible.

We are planning an exciting project and need your photographs.

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Hi Kids TV Ambassador

Australian Kids TV is in a fight for its life. Commercial television broadcasters want their obligations to Australian children abolished. A campaign has been launched to #savekidstv

You can help by becoming a Kids TV Ambassador!



Campaign Video

We are grateful for your help.

#savekidstv team

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Camera & Sound Basics.
20-21 May
Lighting Fundamentals Intensive.
19 -23 June
Advanced Lighting Skills
27-29 June
Applications close 5 June
Applications close 5 June

Earle Dresner ACS chooses ARRI ALEXA Mini

Having received his ACS Accreditation late last year hard-working DP Earle Dresner ACS also recently felt the need to upgrade his camera of choice. The camera he decided on was a new ALEXA Mini.

Dresner explained, “I owned an ALEXA Classic and really loved it but I felt it had done its time and was starting to shoot a lot more productions which were requesting ARRIRAW or 4K and also a lot of anamorphic so I decided to upgrade. The ALEXA Mini ticked all the boxes for resolution, size, weight and high speed and I knew it would be a great camera in most situations.”

As a cinematographer who shoots a lot of television commercials Dresner has a look he’s known for and aims for each time, a look the ALEXA Mini could help him achieve and maintain.

He continued, “I love choosing the right style for each job whether it be anamorphic or spherical, handheld, tracking or shooting from a drone. I wanted a camera that would excel with all of those and 200fps covers most high-speed requirements.”

He added, “I like to own my own camera so it’s always there if I want to use it regardless of budget and I know it’s in great condition. The Mini produces the same beautiful images I got with the ALEXA with the added bonus of ARRI RAW, 4K, 4:3, 200fps and a small, light body for hand held, drones and rigs. When a producer or director calls about a job, I can be 90% sure I’ve got the best camera for it. I also bought the WCU-4 which plugs directly into the Mini and can be used to control camera settings, very useful when the camera is in a splash box at the beach. Another great advantage is the built in electronic NDs. I can avoid any chance of ghosting or double reflections by only having to use one filter in front of the lens and when the light’s fading and you’re trying to get that last set up, flicking a switch saves a lot of time.”

Earle has used his ALEXA Mini in almost every shooting environment you can think of - on a drone over water, rigged to the bonnet of a car or squeezed onto the dash, hand held on a Movi stabilised system or in production mode with a big zoom or a periscope lens and it’s clear he’s pleased with how the camera performs and what it delivers.

He concluded, “The camera has so far performed fantastically in every situation. Also, from the moment I ordered the camera, the team at ARRI Australia have been great. When you make a large investment on a piece of technology, it’s comforting to know their professional set up is there if support is required. They are friendly, knowledgeable people who are always happy to answer questions or fix something at a moment’s notice.”

Postcard from Eirini Alligiannis on the set of "Mary Poppins Returns" in London

Hi guys

I just had an amazing opportunity to be on the set of "Mary Poppins Returns" in London with the legendary Cinematographer Dion Beebe ACS ASC.

During the time I was there we shot at Shepparton Studios and a fascinating night shoot at Middle Temple, where the night shoots were just incredible but so damn cold.

Being on set in the famous Shepparton Studios was just so surreal I actually felt like I was at Cheery Tree Lane, the smell as soon as you walk in the studios, the beautiful scent of Cherry blossom’s that was such an experience I will never forget it, and to be surrounded by all these very talented people like Dion Beebe and Director, Rob Marshall. Watching them work together is a great honour and a real eye opener.

If I wasn’t shadowing Dion who is such a great guy, I was with the camera crew and my favourite experience was when I sat down in front of the wheels. The focus puller Al said "Why don’t you have go", and I was so nervous but it was so awesome at the same time. It didn’t take long to get the hang of it and I loved it, then I hear a voice behind me saying “ Are you any good?" and it was Dion, Al said “I’ve seen worse", so Dion stood behind me looking at the monitor, what a rush that was!

To top it all off, the Camera Operator and Al said "I think we might have a new camera operator"….How fantastic!! My thanks to Dion Beebe ACS ASC and the crew on Mary Poppins Returns for making me feel so very welcome. Thanks also to the ACS for assistance.

Eirini Alligiannis - NSW Branch member


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POSTCARD - from Geoffrey Ellis

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