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The 46th ACS National Awards for Cinematography

CLICK LINK BELOW on SATURDAY NIGHT....6pm Eastern Standard Time

Live from NSW Parliament House
Special Guests
MC: Ray Martin AM
Guest of Honour: Steve Windon ACS ASC
Gumaroy Newman with Yidaki Yulugi dance group
ACS National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS - Sponsor presentation packs
Ron Johanson presents Drew LLewelyn Memorial Award
Strangers Dining Room welcomes guests
Ron Johanson welcome speech, plus presents:
Life membership
Hall of Fame
Emerging Cinematographer
Cinekids Award
9:05pm - 11:30pm
Keynote address (Steve Windon ACS ASC)
Award presentations


For those lucky enough to be attending... Look forward to seeing you at 5:30pm

The 46th ACS National Awards for Cinematography

Festivities start at 5.30pm Saturday 6th May, at the foyer leading to the Strangers Dining Room NSW Parliament House, with a surprise performance commencing promptly at 6.00pm.

Entry at NSW Parliament House, via the entrance at the Northern end of the Macquarie Street building - Please allow time for security

What's being said already about the NIGHT of NIGHTS?

Australia's best cinematographers gear up for Industry's NIGHT of NIGHTS - Article by Harry Windsor »

Plan Now...

Drive or be Driven...

either way plan your trip

Parking at Parliament House is always limited and unfortunately, on this occasion SOLD OUT'll need to think about where to park and allow time to make it to the awards on time.

Best Option: Domain Parking
Entry St Mary's Road, SYDNEY

Plenty of Parking
It's nearby
With a Moving Walkway
$10 Flat Fee
& Best of all
Open till Midnight

Or if you're planning on drinking, book an UBER!.

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