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Recipient Award Category Title Branch Year
Ben Nott ACS Award of Distinction Features - Cinema Presestiation National 2015
Tony Luu ACS Gold Tripod John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks & Promos Paddock to Plate - Launch Promo National 2015
David Franjic Award of Distinction John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks & Promos Channel News Asia - Clarity National 2015
Garry Phillips ACS Milli Milli Award - Cinematographer of the Year The Railway Man National 2015
Edward Goldner Award of Distinction Music Videos Guy Pearce - Storm National 2015
Callen Green ACS Gold Tripod Music Videos George Michael 0 Let Her Down Easy National 2015
Joel Lawrence Gold Tripod Neil Davis International News Tsunami Anniversary National 2015
Mark Dobbn ACS Award of Distinction Neil Davis International News Aid Relief National 2015
Joe Shemesh Gold Tripod Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature Mountain Air - Valley Mist National 2015
Joe Shemesh Award of Distinction Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature Sixteen Legs National 2015
Tony O'Loughlan Award of Distinction Short Films A Peaceful Man National 2015
Ernie Clark ACS Gold Tripod Short Films Injury Time National 2015
Benjamin Cotgrove Gold Student Cinematography Sailboats National 2015
Mark Steven Award of Distinction Syd Wood ACS Local & National News Ski Test 2014 National 2015
Mitchell Woolnough Gold Tripod Syd Wood ACS Local & National News Chia Boom National 2015
Lizz Vernon Winner The Drew Llewelyn ACS Camerimage Scholarship NSW Branch National 2015
Leigh Hubner Gold Tripod TV Magazine, Life Style & Reality Sunday Night - Ghost Island National 2015
Louie Eroglu ACS Award of Distinction TV Magazine, Life Style & Reality Power to the People National 2015
Damian Smith Gold Award Virtual Cinematography Little Darling National 2015
Mitch Kennedy Award of Distinction Web Content & New Media Edworth - Moustache Magazine National 2015
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