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Recipient Award Category Title Branch Year
David Burr ACS Gold Tripod 2nd Unit Cinematography Aquaman National 2021
Gerald Thompson Gold Tripod Art, Innovation & Specialised Cinematography Rebooted National 2021
Zachary Peel-McGregor Award of Distinction Art, Innovation & Specialised Cinematography Truth in Fire National 2021
Eli Holliday Award of Distinction CineKids 13+ No Way Out National 2021
Bella Merlino Gold Award CineKids 13+ Hermione National 2021
Alex Serafini Award of Distinction Commercials - Local/Regional Opera House - Where inspiration Lives National 2021
Jake Koning Gold Tripod Commercials - Local/Regional Porsche 'Accomplishments' National 2021
James Brown ACS Gold Tripod Commercials - National/International Glenivet - Breaking Walls National 2021
Lewis Hamilton & Sherwin Akbarzadeh Award of Distinction Commercials - National/International Mercedes-Benz EQS - Lewis Hamilton National 2021
Justin Griffths Award of Distinction Corporate - Branded Content, Education & Events Ready to Tour - Circuitwest National 2021
Ben Cotgrove Gold Tripod Corporate - Branded Content, Education & Events Restaurant Labart National 2021
Joshua Lamont ACS Gold Tripod Corporate - Corporate Branding & Advertising Defianc. Rewarded. Tourism Tasmania National 2021
Joel Egan Award of Distinction Corporate - Corporate Branding & Advertising Rival - Zerafa National 2021
Niall Lenihan Award of Distinction Current Affairs A House Divided, Foreign Correspondent National 2021
John Varga Gold Tripod Current Affairs Children of Chernobyl National 2021
Kane Chenoweth Award of Distinction Documentaries Downunder National 2021
Allan Hardy ACS Gold Tripod Documentaries Viva the Underdogs National 2021
Denson Baker ACS NZCS Gold Tripod Drama Series The Luminaries Ep2 The Place Your Return National 2021
Zoe White ACS Award of Distinction Drama Series Westworld - S3Ep5 Genre National 2021
Michael McDermott ACS Gold Tripod Dramatised Documentaries Wild Butterfly National 2021
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